Moose Piss Ass Wax (Wash & Wax) 5L

Moose Piss Ass Wax (Wash & Wax) 5L

Moose Piss Ass Wax 5L - Wash & Wax


Moose Piss Ass Wax Cleans and Shines, All Paint Work


  • Removing the toughest dirt and grime with ease leaving a Deep, Glossy, Just Waxed, Streak free shine for days to come. Incorporating a high amount of Carnauba Wax, makes any car paint work look like it has come alive with shine!
  • A blended PH Neutral cleaning formula, with added suds, safely lifts dirt without the risk of damaging bodywork or causing scratches,special water repellent ingredient reduces drying time.
  • Instructions for use: By Hand, Dilute 200:1 (200 Parts Water) Apply using sponge or brush. By Machine, Pre Dilute at Upto 5:1 (5 Parts Water) before putting through a pressure washer or brush machine.
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